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NeQwa Art

NeQwa (pronounced nay-kwa) is the term used in the Mandarin language to describe the centuries-old artistic tradition of reverse painting on the inside of glass. Through a small opening, the artist uses delicate brush strokes to hand-paint inside of mouth-blown glass. From outline, to shading, to color application, all work is painstakingly done in freehand. This reverse-painting art form flourished during the 17th century. Today there are only a few artist groups, living in remote villages throughout China, who possess the skill to create NeQwa Art ornaments. NeQwa Art has brought together the traditional paintings of well-known artists, and the centuries-old skill of Chinese artisans to restore this ancient art form. Each piece of NeQwa Art is mouth-blown and etched with the NeQwa Art insignia. This insignia ensures the authenticity of each NeQwa Art treasure. Each decorative artwork comes luxuriously packaged in a hand crafted, satin-lined, velour presentation case enclosed in the NeQwa Art signature protective outer box. In addition, each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, perfect for gift giving.