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Realistic Momma Dog with Puppy Ornament Set by Roman
Retail Price: $42.00
You save: $10.00  (24%)
Our Price: $32.00
Count the Beers Not the Years Pilsner Glass by Top Shelf
Retail Price: $25.00
You save: $10.00  (40%)
Our Price: $15.00


Gold Ruby Glass Heart Shaped Bowl 7 Inches Fenton Glass

Retail Price: $39.00
You save: $9.75  (25%)
Our Price: $29.25

Ruby Colored Glass Heart Shaped Bowl

Fenton Glass International 91114

Our heart shaped bowl is a gorgeous glass artwork, made in the ruby gold formula, from the Fenton Glass International Collection. This glass bowl measures 7 inches wide making it a perfect gift to show your love to your favorite glass art collector. The ruby gold glass formula includes real gold making this a valuable and beautiful addition to any collection.