Customer Lana A Created Flower Fairy Ornament Display

We received this email and picture from our wonderful customer, Lana A, who ordered the flower fairy ornaments from us. See how she displayed her fabulous collection in gorgeous style AND enjoy her lovely comments that brought tears to my eyes.

Hi Athena,
                                I sent you a picture of my Flower Fairies that hang, the ones on a base will be sitting on shelves. That one is not ready yet, I am waiting for my Amish made shelves to be finished. I will be adding two more pegboards along with the ones in the picture. I am also waiting for those to be finished so they can be hung. I wish the shelves were finished so I could send you a picture seeing that I also bought a lot from you that were figurines on a base.

    I got started on the Flower Fairies because of my fifteen year old granddaughter who loves fairies. She has two fairy gardens in my daughters flower beds. I decided late last Summer that I would get Rachael fairies, accessories and a large tray for Christmas so she could have a setup for the inside. That is how I found the Flower Fairies and fell in love with them. I love to garden, when Rachael was a little thing and would spend some time with us in the Summer she loved to help me in my many flowerbeds. My Flower Fairy collection will be hers one day, a little something for her to remember how much her grandmother loved working in the garden which had many beautiful flowers and plants. 


Flower Fairy Ornament Collection on Display


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